Joram Kyte

Head Priest and Tinkerer at the Temple of Brigh


Joram is a powerful cleric of Brigh, but you wouldn’t think so from meeting him. His calm, kind demeanor and absent-minded tinkering with any gadget he can find has earned him a permanent spot in the hearts of Torch’s citizens. He’s everyone’s favorite crazy old uncle. Many people call him “Unc” or “Gramps”. He doesn’t seem to mind, though. Indeed, the reputation has helped him many times. For instance, a few years back he had a flying machine he was working on. It got about 50ft up in the air before it sputtered and crashed into one of Iven’s stables, killing a horse. Joram expected Iven to be rightly upset, but the rest of the town thought the whole thing was hilarious and convinced Iven to laugh it off.


Joram Kyte

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