Iron Gods

A letter home

Rothgar has a tender moment

My dearest Avana,
I know it has been sometime since my last letter home. The junking business slowed down because of new regulations of the Technic League. But what’s a man to do? I’m sending you a fair amount more than I have in the past. It seems Brigh saw fit to smile upon me. You see my friend, Khonnir, got himself captured while exploring ruins of a vessel underneath Torch. The town hired myself and a few others to rescue him and see what else we could learn about their namesake being extinguished.

It was a most fruitful expedition. We discovered the skeletal remains of four armed aliens, and one that was more flesh but still one of the walking dead. This vessel was probably the most intact of it’s kind I’ve seen. Khonnir is back home safe with Val, you should see how she’s grown. Makes my think of our girls and of Dalkon. Should you hear word of his well being please pass it on. One of my team member’s father was captured by the Technic League and he learned of his fate from a Technic League spy we caught trying to steal from us. I need to see this through. I’m unsure where this path will lead, of one thing I am certain however. It will be sometime before I am able to return home to Larrad.

As Khonnir’s strength returns I’m certain we’ll learn our next step in the coming days. I’ll write again when I have a chance.

Your Love,


ryon_frink MikeWells

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