Iron Gods

Fear and Loathing in Torch Vegas

A Savage Journey to the Heart of the Numerian Dream

We were somewhere on the edge of conciousness in the frontier of Numeria when reality began to take hold. I remember saying, “I’m too tired someone else take watch.” Suddenly there was a terrible roar and the Foundry was filled with Ropefists. Somewhere in the haze someone was shouting, “Holy Gods! What are these godsdamned animals doing in here!”

The troubles started earlier though. It was around midnight at Silverdisc Hall we were scoping out for a possible heist and things got weird. The half-elf got drunk and had to be carried out. Somehow that android got himself tossed out for counting cards. Poor bastard doesn’t know any better. Taking it upon myself I bought a round for the house then the fluids came out. There is nothing in the world more helpless and irresponsible and depraved than a man in the depths of a fluids binge, and I knew we’d get into that rotten stuff pretty soon.

The barkeep took his and went deaf, or so I was told. Mine was much more interesting. The casino was filled with rabbits and rainbows. Terrible tentacled rabbits. I was transported to a strange land with firearms that fired more shots than I could count and some strange bearded human. I tried to warn my last companion but couldn’t. Poor bastard would see them soon enough. The strange human tried to grab me and his mouth grew elongated and he moved to swallow me whole! I did the only thing I could, I pulled out Mildred and put him down. Then a unicorn with a tentacle horn lead me back home with the promise of more fluids. I’m going to have to see if I can recreate this event.

Back to the Foundry though. We were set upon by vile foes. Of this much I was certain. Separated from the remaining members of our group, myself and Hynocerous did our best to combat the incoming threat. A head full of revelry proved to be my undoing. I couldn’t parry the blow that put me unconscious.

That’s when I heard… That’s not important.

When Joram got me back on my feet I found a halfling had aided in defeating the Ropefists and Magpie departed this life. He got better. The android that led the invasion we tied up and rambling about one true god. We did learn that the torch went out because of her meddling and the engine room was where we needed to go. It’s a day or two more still before we can get the part needed to get the lift moving and discover what other wonders the ship may hold.


“Magpie departed this life. He got better.”


Fear and Loathing in Torch Vegas
ryon_frink MikeWells

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